Thank You, Jesus, for The Dirty Socks

There are so, so many reasons to complain, especially when our men have to be away.  But thank You, Jesus, for the dirty socks is a line worth remembering.  I heard a woman once say, never complain about the dirty socks in the middle of the hallway; there is a widow somewhere who would cry with happiness to see those socks….it would mean her husband were alive.
Military life affords so many opportunities for appreciation and respect for husband and wife.  The active duty spouse is in awe that when he leaves, his wife does her to do list and his and manages it all.  The dependent at home is often daily reminded of all the ways the spouse helps out when he or she is able to be in port or not deployed.
Instead of complaining that our spouse is gone, let’s remember how blessed we are to be given these reminders of how much there is to appreciate in our marriages made up of two team players.
As is often said, “Placing blame in marriage is like saying ‘your side of the boat is sinking.'”  Instead of blaming, let’s find ways – something – to praise.
Who wants to join me in expressing our respect and appreciation to our husbands this week?  In which ways does he *hear* your love best – does he brighten up when you praise him verbally, or more so when you help out with things that need to be done, or does he appreciate most when you hug him, or maybe when you buy him a gift unexpectedly or when you make time to turn off all the electronics and snuggle on the couch with him?  Find out what he likes best and do it for him this week, if you can.
Jesus, Protector of our husbands, defend and guide and protect them!

“Thank You, Jesus, for The Dirty Socks” contributed by Melanie Anderson.

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