Our New Partnership with The Catholic Company

In a recent conversation with a non-Catholic friend, I had the opportunity to share one of the things I love most about being Catholic. We were discussing the difference between the dogmatic teachings of the church and the many traditions that make up our faith and she was contrasting this with her own Presbyterian faith, which doesn’t have the same combination of official church teaching and tradition.

I shared with her that the richness of the traditions surrounding Catholicism is one of my favorite things about being Catholic: it gives us the ability to celebrate our faith in every moment of every day!

We can pray our way through the day with the Liturgy of the Hours. We can spend prayer time contemplating the saint of the day. We can nourish our families with foods connected to cultural celebrations of church events and feast days. We can immerse ourselves in any number of devotions that help us deepen our love for Jesus.

That is why I am so excited to share with you our new partnership with the Catholic Company, an online store offering more than 20,000 resources and tools that can help us live our faith more deeply.


Need teaching books or toys for your children? They have them. Looking for the perfect gift for an upcoming baptism, first communion or confirmation? They have it. Are you buying in bulk for your chapel community or parish? The Catholic Company has the items you need and a bulk buying discount program.

And thanks to our partnership with them, when you shop, MCCW earns a portion of the sales!

I heard someone once talk about filling our Catholic tool belt with all the things we need to live out our rich faith each day. And while not all those tools can be bought, my shopping list is already started!

Ready, Set, Shop!

Supporting MCCW while you shop is easy. Visit www.mccwinternational.org and click on the Catholic Company link on the right side of the page. When you see the red “Military Council of Catholic Women-Worldwide Gift Shop” banner at the top of the page, you will know that you are about to enjoy a great shopping experience while giving back to MCCW. Once there, you can bookmark the page to make returning even easier.


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