MCCW-USA Chronological History

How’s this for a “Flashback Friday?”  Below you will find the history of MCCW in the United States, from 1971 through 1992.

1971  1st General Assembly – Holy Trinity Retreat House, Al; affiliated with National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW).  NCCW Commission adopted.

1972   2nd General Assembly – Atlanta, Ga; National motto chosen – “Growth thru Unity.”

1973   3rd General Assembly – Atlanta, Ga; “New Notes from the President” becomes monthly newsletter to all affiliates.

1974  4th General Assembly – Atlanta, GA; Pope Paul VI sent Apostolic Blessing thru Delegate in Washington, DC.

1975   5th General Assembly – Atlanta, GA; President spoke on behalf of Catholic Military Families at National Conference of Catholic Bishops Bicentennial, Atlanta, Ga.

1976  6th General Assembly – Atlanta, Ga.; MCCW Audio Visual cassette developed; “Newsnotes” changed to the “Grapevine” name changed to MCCW-USA.

1977  7th General Assembly – Kansas City, Mo. Mission project implemented; first Navy affiliated; adopted 6th Commission, (Military Catholic Women in Service).

1978  8th General Assembly – Baltimore, MD; under guidelines of Handbook used by MCCW- Europe new Handbook developed and adopted to replace constitution.

1979  9th General Assembly – Chicago, IL; Adopted Pro-life resolution.

1980  10th General Assembly – El Paso, TX; Celebrated 10th Anniversary; Funds from Chaplain’s office decreased – 10 areas established and National Assembly to be held every two years; 1st Area West meeting at Boise, ID; Developed concept of Associate Membership.

1982  12th General Assembly – Alexandria, VA

1983  NCCW adopts MCCW – USA’s resolution to “recognize the Military Peacekeepers”.

1984  13th General Assembly – St Joseph’s Retreat House, Malvern, PA; Resolution adopted and sent to Archbishop Ryan for the Bishop’s Pastoral on the “Status of Women in the Church”.

1985  Military Ordinariate restructured, becoming “Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA”.

1986  14th Annual Training Conference – Denver, CO; 10 Area divisions merged to five.

1987  Area Conferences held in each area.

1988  16th National Training Conference – Tacoma, WA; Archbishop Ryan endorsed MCCW as the women’s organization of the Archdiocese; Bishop Joseph Dimino appointed Episcopal Moderator for MCCW- USA; Information pamphlet developed; NCCW voted to give MCCW observer on their Board of Directors.

1989  Financial account set up with the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA; Information Pamphlet distributed to all Chaplains in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Panama; At the NCCW 44th Convention, MCCW granted voting status with a seat on their Board of Directors; Archbishop Ryan appointed 1st National Moderator – CH (LTC) Robert Richter; “Military Women in Service Commission” changed to “Women in Uniform Commission”; Area Conference held.

1990  1st Annual MCCW – USA Sunday celebrated nationally, the Sunday in February. Handbook revised.

1991  May 5…17th national Training Conference – El Paso, TX; CH (LTC) Joseph A. Scordo, O.P. was named our National Spiritual Moderator; Area Conference held.

June 21… Washington, D.C. – Archbishop Joseph T. Ryan retired as Archbishop of the Archdiocese for Military Services; also… Bishop Joseph T. Dimino was consecrated Archbishop. He was installed as the Second Archbishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services.

November… Commission structure consolidated into four resources; Worship, religious Formation, Community Life and Service.

1992  March 17th … Bishop John J. Glynn appointed Episcopal Moderator of MCCW- USA.

April… Letter mailed to affiliated Chapel Groups, requesting them to vote on recommendation “that present Ex-Board remain in office for another term” – since they had only served eleven months. This letter had approval and support of Archbishop Dimino and our National and Spiritual Moderators.

September 11th … Bishop Francis X. Roque appointed Episcopal Moderator

“MCCW-USA Chronological History” contributed by Alba Thompson.


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