Utilizing Skills from Journey of Faith at the MCCW-Worldwide Conference

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My name is Karen and I have attended MCCW Regional and Worldwide conferences for eight years.  At the Worldwide conference in Tennessee in 2013, I learned a life changing writing experience, during a break-out session titled “It is I, Lord!”…Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography.

When I returned to my home in El Paso, Texas, I shared my enthusiasm for this writing experience, and the blessings shared by both the authors and in the small group.  Our CWOC President asked if I would present it at our first CWOC gathering in September of 2014, commenting that it would be a great ice-breaker in getting to know one another.  The sharing of our individual faith journeys, where we truly felt God’s presence in our lives was inspirational.  This personal method of looking back at our own and others’ timelines provided for an environment of unity in each of our own faith journeys. This was so well received by the twenty four members attending that day, that the ladies requested we continue providing this opportunity on a weekly or monthly basis.

Karen Fletcher at WW Conference

Karen Fletcher (center) shares with MCCW how she brought a Journey of Faith module she experienced at the worldwide conference back to her chapel community at Ft. Bliss to scatter seeds to twenty-four ladies!

At Fort Bliss, I believe Writing Your Life Story (my program title) brought us closer together as a faith group.  This exercise provided a chance for personal healing, compassion, and the inspiration to seek out the many moments where God is present in our lives. The stories shared during the session were presented with the promise of confidentiality, knowing God is present, helping us every moment in our struggles and celebrations.  Personally, I am grateful for this experience, allowing me the confidence to share and be aware of the personal “God-times” in my life.

*Editor’s Note:  Since this conference, this breakout session has become the new model for our Journey of Faith programs and presentations.  For more information, please contact our Vice President for Journey of Faith at www.mccw.org.


“Utilizing Skills from Journey of Faith at the MCCW-Worldwide Conference” contributed by Karen Fletcher.


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