Flashback Friday

Many of you may not know that MCCW – USA was born in the South. Fort McPherson to be exact.  They were MCCW SE USA, with Claire McNiff as their President.   A meeting was called to plan “The Fall Assembly.”

At the time, their Financial Statement January 12, 1975 thru April 6, 1975 reads as follows:

Total net worth – January 12, 1975       $ 338. 92

Income – Dues from 9 Chapels               $ 225.00

Check FROM the speaker             25.00

Offering Pope AFB                         40.00

Total                                             $ 290.00

Expenses – Dues to NCCW                        $ 150.00

Printing                                             20.35

Escrow (Pope AFB                           10.00

Total                                               $ 180.35

They had received dues from nine (9) Chapel Groups which totaled $225.00, a check for $25.00 dollar and a $40.00 offering from Pope Air Force Base.

Checking Account – April 6, 1975   $394.74

Escrow Account                                      63.83

Total                                                      $458.57

As I share this, I wonder if all our members are aware that – previously – in order for your Chapel Group to belong to MCCW, they (the Chapel) had to pay a yearly fee.  In the recent past it was a yearly fee of $50.00.  It only pertained to Stateside Chapels.  How things have changed!





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