A Brief History of MCCW-USA

1992 – October 22-26 – 18th National Training Conference – Boise, ID.

Bishop Francis X. Roque attended as newly appointed Episcopal Moderator.  Keynote speakers were Sister Emily Rabalais and Arlene Chambliss.  LTG. Robert Alexander addressed the members explaining where the Armed Forces were headed in reference to “downsizing” of troops and briefly touched on benefits.  The theme “We Remember -We Celebrate – We believe.”  A 112-slide presentation covering 22 years of MCCW-USA learning, growing.  Sharing and celebrating was well received. The closing Ceremony included celebration of a Lakota Indian Mass – very colorful, great learning experience.  A proposal was voted on and accepted by the General Assembly that we would focus on ministry to the young adults, with special support for the 18-30 year old age category

1993 – Sept. 10 – First “Call” to serve on the Executive Board with application forms, were mailed.

Sept. 26-29 – Northeast Area Conference held in Emmitsburg, MD.

Oct. 8-11 – Western Area Conference held in Colorado Springs, CO.

Oct. 14-17 – Southeast Area Conference held in Birmingham, Al.

Oct. 28-31 – Central Area Conference held in Oklahoma City, OK.

Executive Board members were in attendance at each Area Conference.

1994 – 4th Annual MCCW-USA Sunday celebrated nationally, the second Sunday in February.

July – National Moderator, Fr. Michael Collins, USAF, resigned and was replaced by Fr. Joe O’Keeffe.   Our Spiritual Moderator, was replaced by Sister Emily Rabalais

Oct. 6-10 – 19th National Training Conference – Alexandria, Va.

Theme: “Called to Compassion – Serving Young Adults in Our Community.”  Keynote speakers were Rev. John Cusick, Director of Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Chicago and Ursuline Sister Margaret O’Brien, author of “Discovering the Light: Common Journeys of Young Adults” and Director of Young Adults Ministry, Diocese of Brockville, NY.  Opening Mass was presided over by Archbishop Joseph Dimino, assisted by Bishop Roque and Fr. Joe O’Keeffe.  Closing Mass was attended by Archbishop (Ret) Joseph Ryan, Bishop Roque and many Priests.  The National Charity, voted by ballot.  Most votes went to Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity.  Evelyn Weidig, volunteered, and became the first editor of the “GRAPEVINE”.  The President of PWOC and a member of her Board, attended all meetings and carried the Gifts at our closing Mass.

1995 – January – Board Meeting

It was decided to change our celebration of MCCW Sunday from February to the 2nd Sunday of September. Fr Richard Arold was designated to jointly share the position of Spiritual Moderator with Sister Emily Rabalais.  Several video-teleconferences were held so that all Board members could participate without cost of flying to the meeting.  Fr Joe Rappel replaced Fr Joe O’Keefe as National Moderator.

August- First “Call” for nominations to serve on the Executive Board, together with applications forms mailed.


  1. Parish Group Carries out programs that enrich the spiritual lives of Catholic women.
  1. Area Board  Unifies and assists affiliated Parish Groups within a geographic area providing an            information network, Area Conference, and outreach to unaffiliated military parishes.
  1. National Board Provides assistance, program and activity recommendations, leadership training for all Boards, and is the representative voice to the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA and the National Council of Catholic Women.
  1. Archdiocese The foundation for all ministry within the military Catholic communities under the Ecclesiastical authority of the Archbishop.

“Brief History of MCCW-USA” contributed by Alba Thompson.






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