Pro-Life, Lent, and You

{Featured in this month’s issue of The Well magazine.}

My inspiration for writing this month came from participating in the March for Life in Washington D.C. and the season of Lent being almost upon us. To be pro-life as a Catholic is to support life from the moment God creates us in our mother’s womb until he calls us to our eternal life.  We are also called to serve those who need help with unplanned pregnancies as well as minister to those who have terminated pregnancies.  Finally, we must be willing to step out of our comfort zone to spread the good news about life.

Bringing new life into the world is to cooperate with God’s plan of bringing souls to earth.  Each soul is meant to be here to complete the mission that God has intended for that person’s life. There is no time like the present to get started promoting a pro-life message.  First and foremost we must live the gospel and pray for all human life around the world from babies in the womb to all people of every nation who need prayer.  Second, wear a pro-life pin or put a sticker or magnet on your car.  Third, become informed on life issues and vote for candidates who are supportive.   Next, go to pray at a “40 Days for Life” prayer vigil near you which begins on Ash Wednesday, February 18 and ends on March 29. (You do not need to hold a sign or talk with anyone, just be a witness and pray.) To this point, the only being you have spoken to is our heavenly Father.  Your next step could be to volunteer at or donate to a pregnancy crisis center.  Finally you could talk with people about pro-life issues or become a side-walk counselor to women considering abortion.  Always pray for discernment and the assistance of the Holy Spirit to guide you.

In a world where human life seems to have less and less value, we need to promote life by loving and supporting all human life.  If you are not already doing so, please consider making this Lenten season a time when you take that next step to support all humans whom God has created in His image and likeness.  May your Lent be blessed and bear much fruit!

“Pro-Life, Lent, and You” contributed by Michelle Hokenson.


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