Amid the Noise, Jesus

The week many of us have been waiting for is finally here!  The World Meeting of Families begins this week, and Pope Francis will celebrate Mass in Philly for thousands of faithful.  Among his planned stops are a visit to a prison, where the prisoners actually used their workshop to fashion the chair that Pope Francis will sit in during the papal Mass.  He will also visit impoverished neighborhoods and meet with our political leaders as he shares the message of Jesus Christ during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

As I listened to National Public Radio this week, one political analyst asked another, “Do you think this visit will further the pope’s causes, and will the message of ‘economic equality’ and care for the poor resonate with American Catholics?”  The second analyst answered with something that astounded me.  He cut through all of the noise and distractors surrounding the Pope’s visit – politics, security, secularism, and more.  He said, “I think that the Pope’s visit will renew the faith of thousands, if not millions of Catholics, and share the message of Jesus Christ with millions of people.”  The political analyst distilled all of the noise from the papal visit to the Holy Father’s actual purpose – renewing the faith and introducing the message of Jesus Christ.  It was refreshing.  I actually looked up whether the analyst was Catholic, and he’s not!  BUT – he understands the real intent in the Holy Father’s visit.

This remark caused me to reflect on my own ministry work and wonder, “Is there too much noise?  Does my ministry work focus on the only reason that any of should engage in church work – to renew the faith and introduce the message of Jesus Christ?”

I hope that as we participate in the World Meeting of Families, or watch it on TV, we can focus on Jesus’ love and mercy – “on us and on whole world.”

For our military families, the Archdiocese for the Military Services will have a Mass for our archdioceses on Friday, Sept 25th at 4pm in Upper Church of St. John the Evangelist, 21 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 on Friday, Sept 25th at 4pm.  The AMS has invited all military families to attend.  The point of contact is Dr. Mark Moitoza – Vice Chancellor for Evangelization –

Are you attending any of the papal Masses or the World Meeting of Families?  If so, please share your pictures and reflections with us on our Facebook group – Military Council of Catholic Women Worldwide Community!


“Amid the Noise, Jesus” contributed by Elizabeth Tomlin.

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