Our Father

This past summer was tough…not tough in an exceptional way, just typical military move season tough.

We (an Army family) moved from a duty station we loved to an assignment at an Air Force installation where we knew no one.

Oh, and our orders didn’t come until two weeks before we had to leave.

And transportation couldn’t arrange movers for us so we did a full DITY move.

And I was 35 weeks pregnant with baby number three when we rolled away from Ft. Campbell.

Anyway, you can see why I may have been feeling a little stress, right?

In the midst of the moving madness help came from an unexpected source. In the weeks preceding our move I found myself repeating the “Our Father” over and over and over again.

The version on constant replay in my head went something like this:

Our Father (I could use a big bear hug, heavenly dad) who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will (Yours, not mine, Yours, not mine; You’ve got this right?) be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread (the energy to pack five more boxes, the words to comfort my six-year-old who doesn’t want to leave her friends, the time for a nap)
And forgive us our trespasses (yelling at my husband, again, losing my patience with my four-yr-old again) as we forgive those who trespass against us (my husband really isn’t trying to drive me crazy). Lead us not into temptation (the temptation to have a pity party, the temptation to eat my feelings, the temptation to ignore my chores to watch TV) and deliver us from evil (keep my husband, kids and unborn baby safe through all this madness.)


It surprised me to find myself leaning so heavily on the power of this most basic of our prayers.

In retrospect though, why should it be surprising that powerful help came to me by praying the prayer that Jesus himself gave us? He himself told us to pray in this way!

Sitting here three months later, holding my beautiful eight-week-old daughter, after a day filled with new fun and new friends, in our comfortable (and completely unpacked) house I know my Heavenly Father had my back the whole time.

And I am filled with gratitude for the words Jesus taught us in the Our Father.

“Our Father” contributed by Kim Miller.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    Wonderful reminder! Thanks!

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