Breakout Sessions

Mother of Mercy Messengers – Dave and Joan Maroney, Madison Room (Friday)

Dr. Sri, Blue Ridge Room (Friday)

The Bizarre Dialect of Your Husband and Sons – Joshua Danis, Washington Room I (Friday)  Can I really share the joys of faith with the boys and men in family? In this workshop, we will discuss some of the unique ways men commonly think about faith. Unlocking these keys can make us more attentive to ways men often use language in their journey of discipleship. Full of entertaining stories and practical tools, this work is sure to both entertain and equip you to more fully partake in a mutual sharing of faith with those funny masculine creatures.

True Royal Beauty – Hollie Danis, Washington Room II (Friday)  Am I beautiful? It is the question written on the heart of every woman. How we find the answer to this question changes the very shape our lives. In this workshop, we will take a counter-cultural look at what TRUE BEAUTY is. We will break through beauty misconceptions and hear practical tips on how to become the women God has created each of us to be. Looking to the most beautiful woman in the world, Our Blessed Mother, we will be inspired to lives of authentic womanhood, and rediscover our true beauty and royal dignity as daughters of God.

Katholic Kryptonite! – Matthew Arnold, Washington Room III (Friday and Saturday)
Ever had a “Bible Christian” challenge you with a Bible verse that seems to contradict Catholic teaching? Ever hear, “Where’s that in the Bible?” and didn’t know what to say? That’s Katholic Kryptonite! Now, join Matthew Arnold – mild-mannered apologist for a great world religion – in the never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the Catholic Way! In this lively and engaging PowerPoint presentation, you’ll discover bullet-proof Biblical answers to the many objections to the Catholic Faith made by Fundamentalists and other “Bible Christians.”

Sr. Laura, Monroe Room (Friday and Saturday)

Home to the Faith through the Miraculous Medal – Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, Luray Room (Friday and Saturday)

Putting the Jubilee Year of Mercy into Practice – CH (MAJ) Fr. Leo Moras, Monroe Room II (Friday and Saturday)

Bringing Young Adults Home – Casey Bustamante, Washington Room I (Friday), Blue Ridge Room (Saturday)

The Tale of the Domestic Church – Joshua and Hollie Danis, Madison Room (Saturday Only)  How can my family be more proactive in joyfully living our faith? In this workshop, we will explore some of the practical steps the Church has handed on to families to assist them in becoming everything they are meant to be. Full of humorous and intriguing examples, this workshop offers a frame of reference for families who want to take their family faith to a new level.

Intentional Disciples: Mary, the Apostles and Us – Julie Carrick, Washington Room II (Saturday) A presentation, both spoken and in song, inviting us to look at how we live our call to Discipleship by the example of Mother Mary, the Apostles, and in the grace received through the Sacraments.


Journey of Faith workshops will be offered on both Friday and Saturday. Participants in the “Chapel Leader Training” and “Answering the Call – Discernment in Work and Life” should note that these are two-part workshops. Participants should attend both the Friday and Saturday sessions as the material is cumulative over the course of the workshop.

The Giving Tree – (Washington Room I) Are you trying to bring in women of babies and/or toddlers to your meetings and group activities? Are you the mother, grandmother, aunt, or spiritual parent of a baby or toddler? This session is directed towards finding ways to encourage and include members of our faith in this stage of life by creating opportunities to include little ones as well as find time for them. New mothers tend to give so much of themselves that they forget to take care of themselves. You will receive tools to share with your local chapel group.

Leading My Family in Faith – (Monroe Room I) Being a disciple in this busy world seems next to impossible with the distractions in today’s age; however, it is important to set the example for our future generations. You will leave this presentation with the tools needed to encourage your local chapel members to continue to grow in their faith. This session will particularly help you encourage your members who might have school-age and teen children or are mentors for this age-range. You will also leave with a fun and useful exercise that can be done with your group back home.

Letting Go But Still Helping to Grow – (Monroe Room II) This session is directed towards members who might have a young adult in the family or perhaps a child heading off to college. How do we continue to encourage our loved one in faith, while allowing them to make mistakes or stray? When do we step in? You will learn techniques to help your members to learn to trust in God in this next stage of their life.

Mentoring in the Faith – (Luray Room) Are you a “seasoned veteran” in our faith or in our program? Join us as we journey through the Bible and learn how to use the examples of beautiful mentors (e.g., Book of Ruth, Titus, and Philippians, and so much more) to improve or grow our mentor programs in our local chapel groups. Be prepared to share and participate in activities that you can bring back to your local chapel groups to encourage other “veterans” to grow and mentor what our church deems as our young adults (age 18-35).

Keeping the Light Burning – (Blue Ridge Room) Have you recently left a chapel leader position or board position? Have you held a local chapel position in the last five years? We need your help to “keep the light burning.” In this session, you will work with a seasoned veteran of MCCW/CWOC to help form the continuity needed to keep the best practices and traditions alive in your local chapel group. We will take a walk through the Bible to see the importance of tradition, and why it is important to leave those following us with the tools necessary to continue on the wonderful work you’ve accomplished. You will be able to take these best practices back with you in a format that is easily duplicated and feel a sense of accomplishment that you have added to the good work of your local group.

Do You Hear Me, Lord? Special Needs, Special Graces – (Washington Room II) Do you have a special needs family member? Are you the primary care taker? Do you know someone who is? This session is directed in supporting care givers in our chapel groups. You will be able to take back tips, techniques and tools to assist and encourage these often overlooked women in our group. You may be inspired to start a local ministry group when you leave this session. We will show you how to do so.

Answering the Call – Discernment in Work and in Life – (Washington Room III) This session is a two part – two day program. The first half will be offered during JOF breakouts on Friday and the second half will be offered on Saturday. Participants must attend both sessions. If you have ever had to make a decision in your life, and have never used discernment, this is the session for you. Your life will change dramatically how you approach decision making in all that you do. This session is also highly encouraged for anyone currently discerning or thinking about discerning a CWOC/MCCW position.

Chapel Leaders’ Training – Recommended for newly elected or discerned chapel leaders – Madison Room This is a two part-two day program. The first part will be presented during JOF breakouts on Friday, and the second will be presented during JOF breakouts on Saturday. Participants must attend both sessions.

Part 1 – Building Your Team, Madison Room (Friday Only) – This session is directed to recently elected or discerned chapel leaders. We will discuss various leader roles within a chapel group (CWOC Sourcebook). We will also introduce two new presentations that we can bring to your chapel for board or member teambuilding: “Appreciating the Gifts in Others” and “Mercy me: Handling Conflict in a Merciful Way.”

Part 2 – Supporting Your Team, Madison Room (Saturday) – This session is a continuation from day one where we will bring in a panel of former CWOC/MCCW leaders to discuss best practices and resources available at the Chapel, Post/Base, Diocese (both Military and Civilian), and MCCW-Worldwide.

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