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MCCW Book Club with Journey of Faith!

A book club is a great way to build community in your chapel.  You can select books to meet the ministry needs of your chapel.  For example, Forming Intentional Disciples and Rediscovering Catholicism are great reads to build a ministry.  If your book club seeks to reach a broader audience, you might consider including fiction and non-fiction.

You can find resources for previous MCCW book clubs below.  Please note, that these books are only suggestions to either use for a local book group, or for your own growth.  Some of the books are very good and some are not.  Some are specifically Catholic, some are not.  However, they all allow for rich discussion within our chapel groups.  Should you have questions on how to facilitate a once a month book read at your own chapel, do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be happy to assist.

Happy Reading!

Rome Sweet Home Discussion, Scott and Kimberly Hahn

Rediscovering Catholicism, Matthew Kelly

Surrender by Fr. Larry Richards, Fr. Larry Richards

Forming Intentional Disciples, Sherry Weddell

Doing the Truth in Love by Michael Hines, Michael Hines

The Love that Keeps us Sane – Living the Little Way of St. Therese of Lisieux, Marc Foley

Wholly Mary, Chris Padgett

Joshua Discussion Questions, Joseph Grizone (fiction)





4 Responses to Book Club

  1. Sarah says:

    This is a fantastic read–my father gifted it to me after hearing Matthew Kelly, and I really enjoyed it! Our CWOC group wanted to use this book for a study last year (suggested by me and another lady who also enjoyed it), but we couldn’t find a study guide to accompany it. I know that a fantastic study guide was developed for “Forming Intentional Disciples” (also recommended here for CWOC groups through this website); will MCCW be developing a study guide for The Rhythm of Life, or is it just a suggested read? Thanks!

    • 2nd VP says:

      Hello, Sarah…
      I apologize with how long it has taken me to reply. Yes, we will have a discussion guide. I’m currently in the process of developing. We will be having a “launch” within the next few weeks on our Facebook Page.

      • 2nd VP says:

        We will begin our book club launch after Labor Day…please look back at that time to see where the discussion will take place!

  2. JoF says:

    Hello, Ladies! We are postponing Rhythm of Life until January. Instead, we thought we would take the opportunity to do “Love is Our Mission” from the World Meeting of Families.
    Please join us on Facebook to participate. You can download the book from here:
    Your Journey of Faith Team!

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