Mothers Prayers

Mothers Prayers is a worldwide movement of women who gather to pray for our children. Praying helps us to learn to trust God more. Amazing things happen when we call upon the Lord with one voice and one purpose, imploring His divine assistance. Lives are changed; God will be glorified.

 MCCW-Worldwide’s coordinator for Mothers Prayers is Lynda MacFarland.  To start a Mothers Prayer group in your community, please contact Lynda at Lynda.MacFarland[at]

‘Stop your crying and wipe away your tears.
All that you have done for your children will not go unrewarded.
They will return from the enemy’s land.
There is hope for your future.
Your children will come back home.
I, the Lord, have spoken’.

(Jer 31: 16,17) Good News Bible


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  1. patricia helck says:

    We would like to start a prayer group here in new jersey……we are so encouraged that your model will help us!

  2. Renae says:

    Prayer Request Please?

    This past November 2015, my best friend for the past 12 years/husband for 6 years came back from his first year long military deployment, completely moved out of our house, filed for divorce without any closure/explanation, and zero communication. I was served divorce papers in December at work. At court, in early March 2016, my husband’s attorney told the judge that he has moved on and is in another relationship even though we were still legally married. The judge denied my request for marriage counseling. As of March 17, 2016, I received the worst email in my life, that we were officially legally divorced in our home state. As of April 14, David officially posted on media he’s in another relationship along with pictures of him with his new girlfriend together during his deployment while we were still married. As of June 26, 2016, my husband got engaged to his girlfriend. July 18, 2016 is our anniversary, and would have been our seven years. Actually, we officially started dating back in 2004 (12 years) in high school and have been close friends since 8th grade. My heart is beyond broken and I still pray God will reconcile us as impossible as it seems. I feel so rejected, abandoned, hurt, and lonely.
    I will forever remain faithful to David and I’ll never give up, as love never loses hope, is always patient, and never fails. Please pray for God to show us the way back to each other. “For the unbelieving husband is made holy through his wife…” (1Corn.7:14).

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Please hear my hopeful childlike prayers and have mercy on us, if it be for Your glory and Your Holy will…

    I beg and ask all the Holy Saints, Apostles, Martyrs, Servants of God, Blessed’s, Venerable’s, Holy Angels, Holy Souls in Purgatory, and our Blessed Mother Mary to be intercessors in prayer for me and our marriage and bring my loving tearful prayers to Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

    Into Your hands Lord, I fully commend myself, David, our marriage, minds, bodies, souls, spirits, sufferings, and our hearts to You Lord to do with as You please since David and I are no longer two but one

    Guide David and I to repent to You, turning away from all sinful lifestyles, thoughts, people/influences, and actions. Father, please allow David to see himself as You see him and create in him a hungry desire to come back and be able to receive Your loving grace and know nothing is unforgivable to You

    Sprinkle Your clean water on David, I, our marriage, and our families and wash us clean

    Be a wall of fire and a Divine Seal of Protection around David, I, our marriage, and our families

    Be a Divine influence like You did Hosea’s wife (Hos 2:6-7), Block David’s path with thornbushes, wall him in so he cannot find his way that leads him away from You, me, and our marriage. While David chases his lovers and sinful lifestyle he will not catch them and will not find satisfaction, happiness, or peace until he returns to You and our marriage

    Holy Spirit dwell, move, and flow inside David, I, our marriage, families, and friends. Help David to be willing, teachable, and obedient to You

    Help David and I to daily wear the full Armor of God (Gird our loins with truth, Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness, Shod our feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace, Take up the Shield of Faith, Put on the Helmet of Salvation, and Take up the Sword of the Spirit) to stand firm and walk in Your faith and victory

    Open the eyes of Davids’ heart and let the light of Your Truth flood in; Speak to David and I loudly and clearly: Open our minds, body, souls, spirits, hearts, ears, and eyes to be open to Your truth; Cure David and I of any spiritual blindness and deafness

    Guide and direct mine and David’s steps and position us to where You want us to be: Help David not to rely on poor ungodly, worldly advice and that the novelty of his current lifestyle wears off quickly

    Touch/Heal mine, David’s, and our families hearts with Your love, grace, and mercy so that we can be born again with a new faith/love and a new heart that hates evil; Create in David, I, and our marriage a clean pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast, faithful, and loyal spirit within us

    Examine and control mine and David’s hearts, spirits, tongues, emotions, actions, and feelings daily

    Holy Spirit grant and increase in David and I the power of wisdom, integrity, strength, courage, grace, and perseverance to be able to start to change the areas that need to be changed and to survive and surpass this trial/suffering in our marriage. Help David and I to love You obediently no matter what

    Send a Heavenly messenger or mortal Christian disciple to influence David to repent and to see/hear Your voice of reason/truth, to help David realize something is wrong, and that he needs to return to You. Please let nothing block/stop David from repenting and turning back to You and our marriage

    Teach David and I to love You 1st, 2nd each other unconditionally and always remain faithful to our marriage vows

    Help David and I to ALWAYS be a “Friend of God” who fears and glorifies You, respects, accepts, obeys, fulfills, and surrenders daily to Your Holy will

    Help David and I to mature in You and mold us to be Your disciples; Mold me to be the wife You need me to be for David and mold David to be the husband You need him to be for me

    Help David and I NOT to lean on our own understandings and to be wise enough to see and know the devil’s traps/lies

    Remove mine and David’s heart of stone and give us a new heart of flesh; Heal our broken hearts, bind our wounds from pain and sorrow, and remove all negative memories, actions, and words from the past; Knock down and destroy the walls of silence, pride, lust, guilt, and anger; Open the doors to love, forgiveness, communication, marriage reconciliation/restoration

    Remove everything from David, I, and our marriage that is NOT of You and Your will; Deliver our marriage, David, and I from Satan’s stronghold and influence

    I wholeheartedly forgive ALL who have hurt/injured us in the past, and I mercifully ask for pardon from all whom I have hurt

    In the name of Jesus, I command, bind, and rebuke all evil forces, Satan, bitterness, hate, curses, silence, rage, anger, hurt, hostility, grudges, slander, envy, jealously, malice, impurity, lust, infidelity, fantasy, greed, guilt, shame, selfishness, lies, pride, unfaithfulness, stubbornness, unbelief, doubt, revenge, rebellion, punishment, addictions, PTSD, depression, anxiety, fear, worries, hopelessness, our divorce, separation/division all diabolic infestations/oppressions, sinful desires/temptations, harmful friendships, and negative internal and external mortal influences to LEAVE David, I, our marriage, heart/homes, and family forever and NEVER return!

    Please quickly guide Your lost Prodigal son, David back to You, our marriage, and our home

    Fill and cover David, I, our marriage, and families with the Protection of the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ; increase in us unending love, holiness, obedience, forgiveness, fidelity, compassion, patience, maturity, wisdom, strength, courage, kindness, fortitude, understanding, piety, meekness, gentleness, integrity, good counsel, humility, chastity, perseverance, self-control, clarity, joy, grace, peace, faith, hope, trust, and mercy

    Flood David’s mind with all of our good times, happy memories/moments, loving words, and the sacred vows we made to You and each other and allow him to forget the bad, pain, hurt, guilt, and shame

    Please reconcile, restore, renew, and rebuild our marriage with YOU and each other on the solid rock of Jesus Christ

    Thank You Heavenly Father for Your trust and the promises of Your Word. Thank You Father for Your boundless, enduring love that has power to change and transform us to be like You. Thank You Selfless Father for pouring Your love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Thank You God for the privilege of blessing me, Your child, with the opportunity and grace to obey You and stand for our marriage vows. Thank You my Only God, my first love, in advance, for rebuilding and reconciling our marriage, changing our hearts, and bringing David back to You, the Catholic Church, and our home. I love You! It is in Jesus’ name I pray with unending thanks, Amen. Jesus I trust in You!

    I miss David, my best friend, my soul mate very much. Please pray David will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage and start a family. Please pray God will touch/heal his heart and save him. Will you please pray with me to save our marriage?

    Thank you and God Bless,


    Monday, July 18th, 2016 would have been our 7 year marriage anniversary.

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