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MCCW is led by an all-volunteer board of directors.  This group of ladies is responsible for the strategic planning, vision, and budgeting of MCCW.  The board is selected through a discernment process, which draws on traditions of St. Ignatius.  Each board member serves for a two year term.  The president also works with several appointed chairwomen to accomplish specialized tasks and projects.  Bishop Neal Buckon serves as the Episcopal Moderator to MCCW and CH (COL) Joe Deichert is the spiritual moderator for MCCW.

Executive Board

Michelle Nash, President

Sandy Goetz, Vice President for Conference

Muffy Patterson, Vice President for Journey of Faith

Heather Johnson, Secretary

Aimee Miller, Finance Manager

Regional Coordinators

Amanda Fox, Northeast Regional Coordinator

Dollia Lemus, Central Regional Coordinator

Nancy Arzonico, South Easter Regional Coordinator

Maggie Bourne, Western Regional Coordinator

Jane Gottardi, European Regional Coordinator

Jennifer Carter, Pacific Regional Coordinator

Appointed Chairs

Elizabeth Tomlin, Immediate Past President

Kelly Oliver, Discernment Coordinator

Kim Miller, Stewardship Chairperson

Mellia Hennion, Creative Communication (webmaster)

April Mika, The Well Magazine Editor

Beth Manning, Policy and Procedure

4 Responses to Meet the Board

  1. May I have the email address of the President?
    Dr. Rebecca Woodhull, NCCW Immediate Past President

  2. Sue Thorsen says:

    Looking for Past MCCW- Europe- 1983- Debbie Callaghan- Email or address. we worked together back in the day. Since lost track: I service in the US. Army Stationed at Bremerhaven, Germany. Chapel NCOIC.

    Help if you can. Thanks.

  3. Gerry May Hince says:

    I miss MCCW!
    If any of you come anywhere near Bryan -College Station in Texas, you have a friend!
    Also have ST. Mary’s, a great Catholic Church for your Aggies!
    Looks like you are moving along!

    Us old Past Presidents miss you and news!

    Gerry Hince

  4. Jessica Drake says:

    How could I contact Bishop Buckon or Father Deichert?

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